Lady Gaga Juset Dance

26. října 2009 v 19:07 | Lady DaFfy |  akordy a texty
Capo 4

Ami, C, G, Dmi, x2
A AmiRed COneG, Dmi
A, Red Am One C G Dm
Ga Ami, C, G, DmiGa

AmiI've had a Clittle bit too G, Dmimuch
AmiAll of the Cpeople start to Grush, start to Dmirush babe
AmiHow does he Ctwist the dance, Gcan't find my Dmidrink or man
AmiWhere are my Ckeys, I lost my GphoneDmi

FWhat's going out on the fAmiloor?

I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore
FKeep it cool what's the name of this Amiclub?

I can't remember but it's alright, alright

Just Amidance, gonna Cbe okay G da doo doo Dmidoo
Just Amidance, spin that Crecord babeG da doo doo Dmidoo
Just Amidance. gonna Cbe okay G duh duh Dmiduh duh
AmiDance, Cdance, Gdance, Ju-Dmijust dance

AmiWish I could Cshut my playboy G, Dmimouth
AmiHow'd I turn Cmy shirt inside Gout? Inside Dmiout right
AmiControl your Cpoison babe, Groses have Dmithorns they say
AmiAnd we're all Cgettin' hosed toG, Dminight


AmiWhen I come tChrough on the dance Gfloor checkin' out that Dmicatalogue
AmiCan't beClieve my eyes so Gmany women withDmiout a flaw
AmiAnd I Cain't gon' give it up, Gsteady tryin' a pick it up Dmilike the call
AmiI'ma Chit it, I'ma hit it and Gflex and do it, untDmiil tomorr'

FYeah, shawty I can see that you got so much enerAmigy

The way you twirling up them hips round and
FRound, and there is no reason, I know why you can't leave here with Amime

In the meantime stand, let me watch you break it down and


Ami, C, G, Dmi, x4
Half psychotic synchypnotic
Got my blue burners and phonic
half psychotic synchypnotic
Got my brand electronic
Half psychotic synchypnotic
Got my blue burners and phonic
Half psychotic synchypnotic
Got my brand electronic

Go Use your muscle carve it out work and hustle
I got it, just stay close enough to get it
GO slow. Drive it, clean it like so pleaded
spend the last dough
I got it
in your pock-oh
I got it


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